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Cultosaurus Erectus

  1. Black Blade -- (E. Bloom, M. Moorcock, J. Trivers)
  2. Monsters -- (A. Bouchard, C. Bouchard)
  3. Divine Wind -- (D. Roeser)
  4. Deadline -- (D. Roeser)
  5. The Marshall Plan -- (Blue Oyster Cult)
  6. Hungry Boys -- (A. Bouchard, C. Bouchard)
  7. Fallen Angel -- (J. Bouchard, H. Robbins)
  8. Lips In The Hills -- (D. Roeser, E. Bloom, R. Meltzer)
  9. Unknown Tongue -- (A. Bouchard, D. Roter)

Release Notes: Released in June 1980 by Columbia. Re-mastered and re-released in 1999 in England by Sony's "Rewind" label, with restored liner notes. Produced by Martin Birch.

Instruments: Eric Bloom (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Albert Bouchard (drums, vocals), Joe Bouchard (bass, vocals), Allen Lanier (guitar, keyboards), Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals), Mark Rivera (saxophone on "Monsters").

Additional Notes: Helen Robbins also goes by (and has been credited on BOC albums) as "Helen Wheels". On the CD version of "Deadline", the downbeat of the first note of the song is missing. The U.K. "Rewind" release of 1999 does not contain this flaw. The song "Divine Wind" was originally titled "Ayatollah". The songs "Fallen Angel" and "Hungry Boys" were originally titled, "Falling Angel" and "Hungry Boys In Brooklyn" respectively. The song "Lips In The Hills" originally had different lyrics by Buck Dharma, and was titled, "Hold Me Tight". When released as a single, the song "The Marshall Plan" was titled "Here's Johnny". The printing on the CD incorrectly lists C. Bouchard as "K. Bouchard".


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