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Extraterrestrial Live

  1. Dominance And Submission
  2. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll
  3. Dr. Music
  4. The Red And The Black
  5. Joan Crawford
  6. Burnin' For You
  7. Roadhouse Blues -- (The Doors)
  8. Black Blade
  9. Hot Rails To Hell
  10. Godzilla
  11. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
  12. E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
  13. (Don't Fear) The Reaper

Notes: Released in April 1982 by Columbia. Produced by Sandy Pearlman and George Geranios. The album was originally planned to be titled, "Cult in the Act".

Instruments: Eric Bloom (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Joe Bouchard (bass, vocals), Rick Downey (drums), Allen Lanier (keyboards, guitar), Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (lead guitar, vocals), Albert Bouchard (drums on "Black Blade" and "Dominance And Submission"), Special Guest: Robbie Krieger (guitar on "Roadhouse Blues") -- note: The CD liner incorrectly lists his name as "Bobbie" Krieger.

Additional Notes: "Roadhouse Blues]" was originally done by The Doors. The songs were recorded at the following locations: Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida - 10/9/1981 (Burnin' For You, E.T.I., The Red And The Black, Joan Crawford, Godzilla, Veteran Of The Psychic Wars, The Reaper); Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, New York - 12/30/1981 (Dr. Music, Hot Rails To Hell) and 10/17/1980 (Black Blade); Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 12/31/1981 (Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll); The Country Club, Reseda, California - 12/15/1981 (Roadhouse Blues); Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York - 2/11/1980 (Dominance And Submission - originally recorded for the "King Biscuit Flower Hour"). The drum fills before the final verse of "Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll" are not as they were played live - some of the beats were removed in the mixing. This is believed to be the last BOC album that was available on 8-track tape.


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