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Heaven Forbid

  1. See You In Black -- (J. Shirley, E. Bloom, D. Roeser)
  2. Harvest Moon -- (D. Roeser)
  3. Power Underneath Despair -- (J. Shirley, E. Bloom, D. Roeser)
  4. X-Ray Eyes -- (J. Shirley, D. Roeser)
  5. Hammer Back -- (J. Shirley, E. Bloom, D. Roeser)
  6. Damaged -- (J. Shirley, D. Roeser)
  7. Cold Gray Light Of Dawn -- (J. Shirley, E. Bloom, D. Roeser)
  8. Real World -- (J. Shirley, D. Roeser)
  9. Live For Me -- (J. Shirley, D. Roeser)
  10. Still Burnin' -- (J. Rogers, D. Roeser)
  11. In Thee -- (A. Lanier)

Release Notes: Released in March 1998 by CMC International. Produced by Buck Dharma - additional production by Steve Schenck and Eric Bloom. The album was originally planned to be titled, "Ezekiel's Wheel".

Instruments: Eric Bloom (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Buck Dharma (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Allen Lanier (guitar, keyboards), Danny Miranda (bass, vocals), Chuck Burgi (drums, vocals), Bobby Rondinelli (drums on "Live For Me"), Jon Rogers (bass, vocals on "Harvest Moon", "Power Underneath Despair", and "Still Burnin'"), Tony Perrino (additional keyboards), George Cintron (additional vocals).

Additional Notes: "In Thee" was recorded "live at Millbrook". The song, "Power Underneath Despair" had been released by CMC on the *Summerdaze* album in 1997. The back of the CD mispells the word "despair" (for the song, "Power Underneath Despair") as "dispair". The distribution for European copies of this album was handled by SPV records. The European release is sold with an insert of the CD tray liner artwork (a blond woman, holding a scepter with the BOC symbol) displayed on the front of the CD.


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