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  1. Godzilla -- (D. Roeser)
  2. Golden Age Of Leather -- (B. Abbott, D. Roeser)
  3. Death Valley Nights -- (R. Meltzer, A. Bouchard)
  4. Searchin' For Celine -- (A. Lanier)
  5. Fireworks -- (A. Bouchard)
  6. R. U. Ready 2 Rock -- (S. Pearlman, A. Bouchard)
  7. Celestial The Queen -- (H. Wheels, J. Bouchard)
  8. Goin' Through The Motions -- (E. Bloom, I. Hunter)
  9. I Love The Night -- (D. Roeser)
  10. Nosferatu -- (H. Wheels, J. Bouchard)
  11. * Night Flyer -- (J. Bouchard, M. Krugman)
  12. * Dial M For Murder -- (D. Roeser)
  13. * Please Hold -- (A. Bouchard)
  14. * Be My Baby -- (J. Barry, E. Greenwich, P. Spector)

* only available on Columbia/Legacy Re-Master

Release Notes: Released November 1977 by Columbia. Re-mastered by Columbia/Legacy (with bonus tracks and expanded liner notes) and released June 2007. Produced by Sandy Pearlman, Murray Krugman, David Lucas, and Blue Oyster Cult. The album, originally planned to be titled, "The Big Hurt", went gold. Instruments: Eric Bloom (vocals, guitar), Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (lead and rhythm guitar, vocals), Joe Bouchard (bass, vocals, guitar), Albert Bouchard (drums, vocals, harmonica), Allen Lanier (keyboards, guitar).

Additional Notes: According to Allen Lanier, the photograph on the album's cover was inspired by turn of the century photographer Jacob Rees, whose "How The Other Lives" album depicted the classier gang members of the period in their true colors." According to Albert Bouchard, parts of "Godzilla" were inspired by a song titled, "Go Go Gorilla". According to Joe Bouchard, the bass break on "Godzilla" is a direct tribute to Stanley Clarke. According to "Morning Final #11", "I Love The Night" had a 3rd verse on the original demo, which has been included on occasion when the band performed the song live. The song "Fireworks" was originally titled, "Blazing Red". A version of the song "Searchin' For Celine" was demoed by Allen Lanier for the *Agents Of Fortune* album, with Allen on lead vocals.


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