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The Curse of the Hidden Mirror

  1. Dance On Stilts -- (J. Shirley, D. Roeser)
  2. Showtime -- (E. Bloom, J. Trivers)
  3. The Old Gods Return -- (J. Shirley, E. Bloom, D. Roeser)
  4. Pocket -- (J. Shirley, D. Roeser)
  5. One Step Ahead Of The Devil -- (J. Shirley, E. Bloom, D. Roeser, D. Miranda, B. Rondinelli)
  6. I Just Like To Be Bad -- (J. Shirley, E. Bloom, B. Neumeister)
  7. Here Comes That Feeling -- (D. Trismen, D. Roeser)
  8. Out Of The Darkness -- (J. Shirley, D. Miranda, E. Bloom, D. Roeser)
  9. Stone Of Love -- (R. Meltzer, D. Roeser)
  10. Eye Of The Hurricane -- (J. Shirley, E. Bloom, B. Neumeister, D. Roeser, B. Rondinelli)
  11. Good To Feel Hungry -- (J. Shirley, D. Miranda, E. Bloom, D. Roeser)

Release Note: Released in June 2001 by CMC International. Produced by Buck Dharma. Associate producer Eric Bloom.

Instruments: Eric Bloom (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Buck Dharma (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Allen Lanier (guitar, keyboards), Danny Miranda (bass, vocals, keyboards), Bobby Rondinelli (drums), Norman DelTufo (percussion), George Cintron (backing vocals).

Additional Notes: A version of the song "Showtime" was originally demoed by Eric for the album *Cultosaurus Erectues*. A version of the song "Here Comes That Feeling" was originally planned to be on a second Buck Dharma solo album, and a version of the song "Stone Of Love" was originally demoed by Buck for the album, *Revolution By Night*. The lyrics to the song, "Out Of The Darkness" were initially tried to the song which became "The Horsemen Arrive" on the *Bad Channels* Soundtrack CD.


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